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4 trillion investment brings market opportunities Dongfeng Cummins power generation sales


At present, under the national 4 trillion investment plan, all infrastructure construction projects are in full swing: Wuhan-Guangzhou, Beijing-Shanghai, Sichuan-Tibet, Guizhou-Guangzhou, and Chang-kun have already started or are about to start. The improvement of the national expressway network and the expansion and reconstruction of crowded road sections are intensifying. The Midwestern branch airport and the western trunk airport project are also progressing smoothly. With the further implementation of these major infrastructure constructions, the diesel generating set industry has ushered in a new round of sales and development. The quarterly reports of various manufacturers show that the demand for Generator Sets surged.

“In the summer, the peak of electricity consumption, the industrial and civilian use of electricity increased, the demand for common and standby generator sets will increase accordingly. On the other hand, speeding up of infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, and 3G networks also makes The demand for diesel generator sets has increased significantly,” said the head of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company’s generator market.

Relevant data also showed that Dongfeng Cummins sold 27,000 power generation units in 2008, and its industry share in power segment was 25% (above), ranking first in the industry. “Dongfeng Cummins power generation has a higher share in some major national projects. At the end of last year, 800 Dongfeng Cummins power generation units urgently purchased by the Ministry of Railways ensured the rapid construction of the railway project and the normal operation of the department's Spring Festival work.” According to the introduction, Dongfeng Cummins’s power generation is active in such projects as Wuhan-Guangzhou, Beijing-Shanghai, Sichuan-Tibet Passenger Dedicated Lines, Central and Western Regional Airports, and 3G network construction. In addition, the application of Dongfeng Cummins in schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets and other markets is also full of flowers. Even the troops that have always been known for their strict procurement standards have maintained a good strategic cooperation relationship with Dongfeng Cummins. Each year, there are 2,000 units. The above purchase amount.

As one of the largest Diesel Engine manufacturers in China, Dongfeng Cummins Engine has been widely used in the world for decades. Its good price/performance ratio and “world-class power” brand image are also deeply rooted. In 2003, Dongfeng Cummins began to enter the generator market. Its gradual advancement in product technology and branding has laid a solid foundation for its rapid acquisition of the commanding height of the generator set industry.

Taking the most widely used B series engine as an example, it adopts a pressurised waste gas bypass design, the engine has a more complete low speed performance, better dynamics and economy, and the product is more stable and reliable. The unique cylinder head is integrated. With the design, the engine parts are about 40% less than other similar engines, the failure rate is greatly reduced, the comprehensive maintenance cost is saved, and the maintenance time is saved by about 50% compared with the similar models; in addition, the B series engine has a power up to 22.4. kW/liter, far ahead in the same type of engine . It is worth mentioning that, based on the advanced design and sophisticated manufacturing of Cummins of the United States, Dongfeng Cummins has also carried out some secondary developments that are more suitable for the domestic use environment, making the fuel consumption greatly reduce similar products.

While leading the technology to win the market, Dongfeng Cummins is also constantly innovating. Mechanical engines have been the main source of power for generators for a long time, but the excellent economic and environmental advantages of the new electronic control products undoubtedly provide customers with more choice. It is understood that, as a brand-new product of Dongfeng Cummins' own innovation, the application and development work of the QSZ13-liter heavy-duty electronically controlled engine in the generator set market has been launched simultaneously. “The use characteristics of the generator set determine the reliability and fuel economy are its two main requirements for the engine, and Dongfeng Cummins leads the industry in these two indicators, and at the same time, in terms of environmental protection, all of Dongfeng Cummins’s The products have reached the first and second phase of the national non-road emission standards, and some products have reached the third-phase emission standards simultaneously with the world." Relevant person in charge said, "In addition, Dongfeng Cummins products cover the power segment from 20KW to 220KW. In the future, the latest QSZ13L high-power engine will be applied to the generator set, and the power will reach 400KW. It has strong adaptability. It is the needs of special industries such as railways, military and marine use, and the emergency generator power of hotels and hospitals. Dongfeng Cummins can provide corresponding products and services.

Cummins Diesel Generator Suppliers

1) Diesel generator set ;

We Provide all kinds of diesel generator sets ,the power range from 10kva to 1000kva ,single or three phases ,50/60HZ, .All these diesel generators can work in various environments to satisfy the different demands of different clients from different countries .

2) Specification of the generator:

 The basic specifications: 230 / 400V AC, 50Hz / 60Hz, 0.8Pf , three phase four wires

 Use: can be used for the open type and the soundproof type , automatic type


 The world first class alternator, up to the  GB755, BS5000, VDE0530, IEC34-1, CSA22.2, AS2359 standard, brushless and self-excitation, it be can supply excitation in many cases:


·       Standard pitch winding can be inhibit currents interruption

·       Insulation Class: H  Protection class: H

·        Frequency at stable state:  ≤±1.0%

·       Telephones interference: THF < 2%, TIF < 50 

4)  Control system: 
        a) Automatic alarm system: the unit has the ocus to-optics alarm 
          system and arrestor for any situation as the start defeat, the water 
          is over temperature, the oil pulls down, over speed, over load and 
          over current
      b) Operation display: 
          i) Unit voltage, tri-phase load current and frequency display
          ii) Water temperature, oil pressure display
          iii) Fuel level, fuel temperature display
          iv) Audible and visual alarm lamps and buzzers

5)  Supply standard collocation:
      a) Diesel engine with all accessories, 3 filter, electric systems 
      b) Alternator
      c) Steel structure 
      d) Fan and water tank cooling system
      e) Flange connector 
      f) 12 / 24V starting motor and charge engine 

      g) Air cleaner, fuel cleaner, oil cleaner 

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