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Analysis of Causes of Water Inflow of Cummins Diesel Generator Set


Cummins diesel generator into the water analysis of diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2017-11-15
Analysis of Causes of Water Inflow of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

What are the causes of the water intake of Cummins diesel Generator Sets? The following small series to briefly explain:

1, remove the sleeve perforation

Cummins Diesel Engine uses a wet cylinder liner, and the cylinder liner is directly in contact with the cooling water of the Diesel Engine to dissipate heat. Cooling water scours the outer surface of the cylinder liner during the cycle and forms cavitation and cavitation on the outer surface of the cylinder liner. Over time, the outer surface of the cylinder liner will have a dense crater at the water surface. Make the perforation of the cylinder liner into the diesel oil pan. To check whether the cylinder liner is perforated or specifically which cylinder liner is rusted and perforated, remove the diesel engine sump and fill the radiator tank with water. Twist the diesel engine slowly to observe whether there is water flowing out of the cylinder wall or Dripping, if there is leakage of coolant, it can be judged that the cylinder liner has been perforated; In addition, if the water barrier of the cylinder liner is damaged, the coolant will enter the oil pan, if it is found that the coolant is dripping from the outer wall of the cylinder liner, It may be due to damage to the rubber water stop ring. When turning a diesel engine, if it is very difficult to turn it, it cannot be forced to turn; this may be because the cylinder in the compression stroke enters the cooling fluid. At this time, if you do not pay attention, it may damage the connecting rod of the diesel engine or Other parts.

2, Cummins diesel generator cylinder head damage

After the cylinder head of a diesel engine cracks, even if there are only small cracks, the coolant will leak from the crack into the cylinder and the oil pan when the diesel engine is working. The cylinder head is generally not damaged. To know if it is intact, use 7 kg of compressed air for inspection. If it is found to be damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

When checking the diesel engine oil during use, if the oil is found to be milky, be sure to stop for a careful inspection and repair and troubleshoot before proceeding. Otherwise, due to poor lubrication, the diesel engine may cause mechanical failures such as pulling, pulling cylinders, or even crankshaft locking.

3, cylinder head gasket of Cummins diesel generator set is damaged

The cylinder head of the Cummins diesel engine and the cylinder block of the diesel engine are sealed by a cylinder pad. The cylinder water channel has a corresponding seal ring on the cylinder pad to ensure that the coolant does not leak. If the flatness error of the cylinder head or cylinder plane of the diesel engine exceeds the allowable range, the cylinder gasket will inevitably leak tightly and the coolant may leak into the oil pan. In addition, if the diesel engine cylinder head bolts are not tightened as specified or the surfaces are not clean during the cleaning process, resulting in the cylinder gaskets being not compressed, this will also cause leakage of coolant. To accurately determine whether the cylinder mat is damaged is a certain degree of difficulty, this check can only be performed after the cylinder sleeve and the oil radiator have been discharged.

4, Cummins diesel generator oil radiator damage

The radiator core is composed of a row of copper tubes. The coolant flows in the radiator core copper tube. The diesel engine oil circulates outside the tube. During the flow, the high temperature engine oil is cooled by the cooling liquid to ensure a certain oil temperature. When the radiator copper pipe breaks or the seal at both ends of the radiator core fails, the coolant may enter the diesel engine oil pan through the oil channel. When the diesel engine is working, the oil pressure should be higher than the pressure of the circulating water. Under the effect of pressure difference, the oil can enter the coolant through the crack of the copper tube. At this time, there is oil in the diesel engine water tank; when the diesel engine stops working, since the water level of the water tank is higher than the oil radiator, the cooling water will enter the oil passage through the radiator tube under the pressure formed by the height difference. In the diesel engine oil pan, it is necessary to judge whether the diesel radiator is organic oil. When the radiator core copper pipe is damaged, it is necessary to use compressed air for inspection. The specific method is: Seal the ends of the radiator core with an iron plate, leaving a hole at one end and filling the copper pipe with water through the small hole. , Use 7kg of compressed air to blow from the small hole and keep it for 5-10min. If there is water or gas coming out of the oil passage of the radiator, it can be determined that the radiator copper tube is damaged and it must be replaced. In addition, if the seal of both ends of the radiator core fails with the radiator shell, it may cause cooling water to enter the oil pan.

The above is an analysis of the reasons for the inflow of Cummins diesel generator sets. I hope to help everyone.
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